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Thoughts That Kept Me Up

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1 Thoughts That Kept Me Up on Thu Jul 16, 2009 1:10 pm

(The following was written by a 19 year old woman who is in love with Jesus Christ.)

The Thoughts That Kept Me Up

Tonight while I was getting ready for bed I had about a million things running through my mind and yet not a single answer or solution for any of them. It was then I was prompted to get out my Bible because, after all, it seems to always have the answers I need. I hate that I don't read it as much as I should but am always glad when I do decide to study and read The Word. Tonight God led me to Romans 12, a chapter that seems to be coming up a lot in my life lately, so I decided to read it and it answered one of the most resounding questions in my head right now.

What significance do I have in the body of Christ?

Romans 12 discusses how every body has parts and no matter the size they all serve a very significant and much needed job all the way from the heart to your pinky toe. Each part is needed in order for the body to function normally. This is the same with a spiritual body. It goes on to say that people are called to do and be different things and you are to do what you are called, fully. If you are called to prophesy, then prophesy, if you are called to teach, then teach. I have recently learned that you don't have to be a preacher or evangelist or miracle worker to be a minister of the gospel. I have learned that sometimes the most powerful ministers are the high school teachers who never turn a child down who needs a friend, or a factory worker who always has a smile, or the janitor who never has a negative thing to say.

I am learning that though I may not know right now exactly what God has planned for my future that if I do what I can for him now; it's all going to pan out as it should. Romans 12 also says to love sincerely and right now even if that's all I have to contribute to the kingdom, then I will do it with all that I have, because how am I to know who it could touch and what lives it could reach. I ask for anyone who is reading this to pray for me that I can listen and obey what God calls me to do in the future and I also ask that you consider and pray about it in your own lives.

It's rare that God gives me a specific verse or chapter to read but when He does, I always get such great insight and tonight I just felt it would be nice to share. However now it is off to bed I am exhausted and just want to sleep. So, good night everyone!!

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