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Wisdom to see and deal with evil

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1 Wisdom to see and deal with evil on Fri Jul 10, 2009 10:20 am

Please help me because I saw my mother who was looking more than half dead, tongue sticking out, barely breathing, oxygen machine going full force........rise up like a newborn colt when she heard the distinct tinkling of the Montel William's theme music knowing that Sylvia Browne was about to grace her television set. For the next hour I cringed within because I knew the garbage that Satan has perpetuated through this woman. My mother is a Catholic so she has no business believing in talking to the dead but she should have every knowledge about exorcism because the Bible declares that evil infiltrates our minds and bodies and these things need casting out. I am still reeling from the exhibition of strength that came from seemingly nowhere but alas I do know where it came from. It was demonic and controlling and gives no glory to Father God or Jesus our beloved Savior. Give me some instruction on how to pray. I think my praying that Sylvia Browne might be exposed for the deceptive things she teaches is on the right track but I really feel an urging to cry out for those that are lost through deception. Let God be true but every man a liar!

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