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prayer for the Holy Ghost to pour his spirit upon us

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Please join with me on agreeing to thank God for his mercy, to remind him how his people who have turned from their sin are so thankful to be shown his way. I pray to be so hungry and thirsty for righteousness that I would filled to overflowing. God's word is precious and holy. His word promises us that we will have healing when we confess our sins. He tells us to seek his kingdom and his righteousness and all else will be added unto us. I am praying that enough of his people who pursue his truths, feel his hands holding their lives together, the ones who tilt their heads to catch the voice of God in the wind, these my brothers and sisters would be praying for an outpouring of his spirit. Not to show off to man who we are but to show the world that has become so jaded who our beloved Savior is Jesus Christ. My father will give me good gifts because he told me so. If my father who is wicked gives good gifts so much more will our Father in heaven. Pray for our gifts. Lord fill us with your holy power to do your will, to accomplish your plan, and to fulfill your ordained scripture. In Jesus name I humbly pray.

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